Smart loan belongs to non-bank non-purpose loans

MyCredit Lender offers a non-bank loan called SMART loan on the Czech market. The company is based in Olomouc and was founded in 2000. What other products does it offer and what are their parameters?

MyCredit Lender does not offer a product other than a dedicated loan. We do not find the possibility of consolidation in its portfolio or refinancing loans, mortgages or overdrafts.

MyCredit Lender Smart Loan

Good Credit Smart Loan

A smart loan belongs to non-bank non-purpose loans. With a short time to process an application online or by telephone is one of the fast loans. Smart Loan is suitable for both employees and entrepreneurs. The loan also targets retired or mothers on maternity leave.

The applicant does not prove receipt, extracts from the register of debtors and may not have a guarantor. The smart loan is, therefore, a quick loan without proof of income. There is no need to have your own bank account.

MyCredit Lender requires applicants to have sufficient income to repay, but do not need to prove their income. For higher borrowed amounts it is necessary to have a co-debtor.

The loan is cash and is arranged online or by phone

The loan is cash and is arranged online or by phone

If approved, the employee of the company will bring the contract, the repayment schedule and the requested loan to the applicant to the house (as well as the weekend loan ). The fee for arranging the loan is USD 800, for the management of the loan USD 4 400, and in the case of loan disbursement in cash, a fee for cash withdrawals of USD 3,800.

All information about the loan will be obtained by the applicant only through telephone contact with the company mentioned below. You can borrow USD 5,000 to 70,000 with a maturity of 13 to 16 months. The interest rate is from 21 % and APR from 146.7%.

MyCredit Lender does not currently offer bank overdrafts, savings accounts or the possibility of refinancing loans. Because MyCredit Lender focuses on quick loans, it does not provide classic or American mortgages.

MyCredit Lender is a Czech company based in Olomouc. The company was founded in 2000 and has a long history. Previously, MyCredit Lender offered both a Smart Loan and a Clever Loan that had a larger financial scale. Currently, it focuses only on loans up to 70 000 USD.

MyCredit Lender no longer offers any loans. All existing loans and their administration can be solved through the contacts below.